Why choose FussLink's custom Insoles?


We offer custom-made insoles for people who has troubles or disease on their feet. We also give you shoe repair and adjustment service, for business shoes, ladies shoes, and sneakers.

You can ask anything  about your feet and footwear, thank you. 



【Custom-made Insoles】

☑︎Flat foot  ☑︎Hallux valgus   ☑︎Foot callosity

☑︎Knee pain ☑︎Ankle pain  ☑︎For any sports


price : 19,800 yen (tax in)



【Full Custom-made Insoles】

For the customer who has deformation on his foot or abnormal gait. We also recommend this insole to athletes who play sports.


price : 35,200 yen (tax in)



Please contact us and ask anything about your feet and shoes!! 


☎︎ 0568-41-9292